How to create your own Lorem Ipsum

Years ago, when I was learning Javascript and jQuery, though that a fake text generator could be a nice practice. Nowadays, I have years using it and I could say it wasn’t just a funny practice but a great tool which helps me every day as Visual Designer in Wondermochi. Have you ever interested in create your own Lorem Ipsum?

I have been fullfilling with my Gandalf Ipsum any kind of webs, publications and structures during years. Sometimes, my clients didn’t notice, but often, they smile just because the don’t expect that text. Futher, there was a client fan of LOTR who read all that fake text. After all, can you resist a greatest quotes compilation if you are a Gandalf fan?

Before continue, I would like to mention a pioneer and funniest Chiquito Ipsum (Chiquito is a very famous humorist in Spain), which I discover 10 years ago when I was a student of web design. I see it and I knew I would create my own. Even Elementor wordpress plugin is using Chiquito Ipsum to fill their paragraph component in spanish.

Funny is not pointless

The right point of a fake text generator is fullfill, not to distract. But it doesn’t mean we can not be funny at design feedback or prototype presentation meetings.

Quotes in your language with your own lorem ipsum

When I create my Lorem Gandalf, I realized that not all the quotes has the same character numbers. There is a huge difference between the iconic «You shall not pass» and the wise advices given to Bilbo or Frodo. That makes all the paragraph to be unique and different any time you generate them. Even better, if the text is in your language, it more alike to a real case that latin Lorem Ipsum.

Text with format

Another feature I miss with text generators is some text format. When you use and you are using design tools you maybe didn’t notice this, but when you are designing a blog post template or a document, it’s always nice to have some bold text or hyperlinks. I added this to my Lorem Gandalf since the beginning because I needed to work with WordPress.

Updating and Sharing the code

I have thinking about swich my old and good Lorem Gandalf for years. The jQuery code is easily editable because I coded it to create more text generators, but I never did. Now is good time to swich a sorrecer to another one younger: Steven Strange.

Use Lorem Strange

This time I used english quotes to make it more accesible. Also I have uploaded it to github, where I let some instructions to clone and customize it so you can have your own Lorem Ipsum generator.

Download and Customize Lorem Strange