Egregor: Rol Character Generator

When I started to code with javascript I didn’t know what to do with such knowledge. I always was the designer commited with views, but get the ride of functionality make me think far away form my designer comfort zone.

I had an old excel file on my Google Drive, an idea to generate characters in rol games. When you start a game in a rol, no matter if it’s video game or DND, we create characters by settings their stats as we want. Then I thought: if rol games are based on the reality, and the reality is not handmade (yet) since we all are randomly different, what if game characters were unique and based in a «handmade» seed as the name is?

It would mean a most natural way to generate then. After all, our parents doesn’t choose to us anything but the name. When I started to code the generator, I thought about to add a random parameter into the character generation function, but in orden to make it more special, I decided to remove it so the same name will always generate the same character, a similar concept to the Minecraft seeds.

Maybe you think: «This will open a door to study the code and get the most advantage character name, so every player will name theirself as it», and maybe you are right. But rather of balance issues, this concept is thought to empower the player and their own creativity.

The generator begins asking a name, and after introduce it, a character is made with these fields: breed, element, clan and profession. A bunch of stats will generated after the fields.

Rather, the generator will create a nemesis character, getting the name and reorganizing it, then this new name will generate their own fields and stats.

Advice: it was my first javascript project, so the code is so far to be clean, remember I’m just a designer interested to learn JS just for fun.

Advice 2: the language generate is spanish, if you are interested in a english version, please contact me so I can traslate it or upload the code to github so you can fork it to make it yours.

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