Freelance Product Designer

I enjoy unleashing the power of digital design as freelance product designer fueled by geek passion.

Based in Malaga, I excel in structuring and crafting captivating components. Experience a portfolio that merges creativity and functionality, propelling your project to new heights. Let’s embark on a journey where design meets imagination. Get ready to be amazed by designs that evoke emotions!

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Curated projects

Hub Málaga Export 2023

We pushed the boundaries of creativity to create a groundbreaking institutional product that surpasses the competition.

Starting from scratch, we crafted a bold yet balanced strategy, fusing disruptive innovation with a restrained approach. Our team of talented designers poured their hearts into crafting a product that exceeds all expectations. Get ready to uncover how we captivated audiences, set a new standard of excellence, and delivered an unparalleled experience in the market. 2022

We transformed a visually outdated brand with lofty aspirations into a realm of pleasure and delight, tailored for a discerning and demanding audience.

With meticulous attention to detail, we breathed new life into every aspect of the brand’s identity, crafting a visual language that resonates deeply with the target audience. Witness how we successfully navigated the fine balance between sophistication and enjoyment, elevating the brand to a whole new level of prestige and desirability. Prepare to be captivated by a brand experience that seamlessly blends elegance and excitement like never before.

David J Palao 2022

With warmth, empathy, and a scientific approach, we crafted a transformative experience that guides users through their fertility journey.

Our design solution radiates understanding, care, and compassion, providing a sanctuary where users can find solace and hope. Through intuitive interfaces, personalized support, and scientifically-driven solutions, we empowered individuals to navigate their fertility challenges with confidence and optimism. Witness how we merged the realms of emotional support and scientific expertise, creating a digital oasis that brings light and solutions to those in need.

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